Google Business Profile optimization – what should you know?

Google Business Profile optimization – what should you know?

Google Business Profiles (prev. Google My Business) are a key tool for both large and small business owners, as they make it possible to reach specific target groups. If optimized correctly, they allow you to find the place that best fits your criteria, and they will also enable clients to more easily find your business in a given area of service. Check what you should know when optimizing your Google Business Profile.

What is a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile is a tool that enables you to manage your company’s image in the Google Search and Google Maps. You can manage them through Google Business Profile. It’s the perfect solution for building local brand awareness.

Benefits of owning a Google Business Profile

Imagine that your company is one of many with the same profile and operating in almost the same area. A well-managed Google Business Profile will enable you to take many steps aiming at boosting your company’s visibility locally, and as a result, being chosen by prospective clients from a group of similar businesses.

Your Google Business Profile enables you to:

  • manage your key company information,
  • interact with clients,
  • update available products or services,
  • analyze statistics and draw constructive conclusions.

However, for the Google Business Profile to function correctly in Maps, you should optimize it well. How to do this? Check it out!

Google Business Profile optimization step by step – what affects visibility?

Creating a Google Business Profile is just the first step. For the Profile to work for your visibility online, you need to optimize it properly. Bear in mind that in the case of Google Business Profiles, Google’s algorithm takes into account different parameters than for websites.

What affects the visibility of a Google Business Profile?

  • Distance - how far a user is from your business.
  • Relevance - information included in the Profile, for example contact information, additional content.
  • Prominence - company’s visibility connected with aspects like website SEO.

NAP consistency across all media

NAP is a set of the most basic information about a business. It includes the name, address and phone number – using that, you can identify activity on a local market. For effective optimization of the Google Business Profile, it’s necessary for the information to be correct and consistent in different places on the web, which means that company name, address and contact information must be identical both on the website, as well as in social media or online business directories!

The name that appears in the Google Business Profile, should be consistent with the actual company name. It must not contain keywords or marketing slogans, which are meant to describe your business. Including such information might result in Google imposing penalties, for example suspension or even removal of the Profile. You should also refrain from writing your company name in all capital letters and from including an approximate location, such as the city district name.

Categories – specify what your business does

An essential element of your Google Business profile is defining the category, or the field in which your company operates. Let’s say you run a café that promotes culture. You choose the general category “Cafe” in Google, which won’t make you stand out from the competition. However, if you define your business as an “Art Cafe” or “Comic Book Cafe” which is also a “Dog-friendly Cafe”, you will attract customers who are looking for precisely such a place, where they can come with their pet, have a coffee or tea, and peacefully read a comic book.

Clients’ reactions – reviews and questions

Reviews left by clients are one of the more significant elements, that affect the rankings of your Google Business Profile. Reviews with comments are more valuable for bots, and even more so when the comment contains keywords!

Remember that a user’s review is not everything – it is good practice (both in terms of etiquette and Google’s algorithms) to respond even when it’s negative. The same applies to questions asked by users on your profile. Respond promptly, as other users might beat you to it with unverified information.

What’s your offer? Describe it!

The Google Business Profile tool allows you to inform users about the products and services you offer. You can describe them briefly (also including keywords), and it’s worth it, as it will influence your rankings. If you run an eating place , you can also add your current menu.

Paradise for visual people: photo and video gallery

According to Google, businesses that add a lot of photos and videos to their Google Business Profiles get more clicks and requests for directions. Images attract attention, thereby generating clicks which then improve the company’s position in organic search results.

Informational posts

A good practice in optimizing a Google Business Profile is also to add posts informing prospective clients about the latest events connected with your business or changes to your offer. Regularly adding posts is a signal that your company actively uses its profile, making it more attractive not only to algorithms but also to users. Remember that posts don’t have to be directly related to sales. Treat them as a way to share with your clients what’s going on in your company.

Google Business Profile… and what’s next? What’s important when optimizing a Google Business Profile? Your website!

Website! Entrepreneurs, especially those running small businesses, often consciously forget about it. A well-optimized site significantly boosts your company image and lends authority to the Google Business Profile. Even a simple page can enhance the Profile’s value. You can use tools or services such as WordPress, Wix, or Google Sites. Embedding a Google Map with your company’s location on your website is also a good solution (in case of multiple locations, placing several maps is recommended).

Bear in mind that a Google Business Profile can be set up not only by the owner but also by a random user (however they can’t verify it, which prevents them from making further changes). As a result, the map may show at least two locations for the same business – Such a situation has a very negative impact on your Google Business Profile’s ranking because the content is duplicated. Try to prevent unauthorized Profiles from showing up or react quickly if they do.

Take care of your Google Business Profiles with Mapstic!

The Google Business Profile is incredibly important for building local awareness of your business. Effective optimization of your Google Business Profiles will help you increase your company’s visibility in searches, which may translate into an increase in your client base. Remember to regularly update the information in your Profile.

If you want to boost the effectiveness of you Google Business Profile management, try Mapstic – a tool that allows you to run multiple Profiles simultaneously. You can add posts to your locations in bulk, respond to customer reviews, or generate needed reports. Register now!

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