Google Business Profile – what should it include?

Google Business Profile – what should it include?

Google Business Profile is one of the tools offered by the digital giant, designed to simplify the process of positioning your business online. It also allows users to effortlessly locate the services they are looking for. Do you want to know what your Google Business Profile should contain? What information should you include to provide your prospective clients with the most accurate overview of your business? Check it out!

Google Business Profile – what is it?

Google Business Profile is a free tool that allows businesses to promote their image in Google Search and Google Maps. With Google Business Profile (GBP), you can present your business, thereby increasing brand awareness among users. GBP allows you to create your company listing, offering users access to essential information about your business, among other details.

What should your Google Business Profile include?

For your Google Business Profile to be effective, you should take care of a few key elements. What should your Google Business Profile include?

  1. Basic information about your business – NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)

    Include the company name as it appears in the National Court Register (KRS) or in your company’s official documentation. We do not recommend including keywords in the name – this practice is strictly forbidden by Google and it may lead to your Profile being suspended or deactivated. Don’t forget to include the company logo.

    If your company has a physical location (an exact address, where you serve clients), add it to your Profile – it will make it easier for users to find you on Google Maps.

    Include your usual business hours. Don’t forget to specify whether your business is open on Sundays and other holidays.

    Your Google Business Profile should also include contact information to allow clients to contact you directly with ease - make sure to add your phone number. Including your business website is also a good idea, as it not only provides information about your business but also often serves as a platform for generating additional revenue through online sales.

  2. Short description of the company

    Your Google Business Profile should also include a short (up to 750 characters with spaces) description containing key information about your business and offer. This time, you may use keywords, only make sure they sound natural.

  3. Photos and videos

    Your Google Business Profile listing may include both photos and videos related to your business, making it much more attractive to clients. What can you add?

    • photos of your business premises from the inside and outside, as well as photos with the logo, to provide your clients with even more details,
    • photos of products (for examples, dishes, if you are a restaurant owner) and services provided by your company,
    • a 360 video or a virtual tour – this will allow you to show your clients around your company without them having to leave their homes.

    The possibility to add photos and videos is an option worth using if you want to engage users, after all, most of us are visual learners.

  4. Client reviews

    Regularly responding to reviews, both positive and negative ones, shows commitment and care for clients. You can ask satisfied clients to leave reviews – the more reviews, the greater your online credibility.

  5. Updates and offers

    Adding posts to your Google Business Profile will make it easier for you to inform clients about the latest promotions and special offers.

    If you organize various special events, be sure to write about them as well – sharing such information will attract more interest.

    You can also use posts to share what is currently happening in your company – employee promotions, high sales results, or the opening of a new office – show clients that your business is thriving.

  6. Q&A

    Respond to questions asked by clients as this will make it easier for them to find the information they need. Regularly responding to frequently asked questions demonstrates that the company is active and committed to attending to clients’ needs.

Google Business Profile – benefits for owners of big and small businesses

Still hesitating over creating your Google Business Profile? Discover the benefits your company can gain!>

  • GBP allow you to manage key information connected with your business (address, contact information, opening hours).
  • A Business Profile set up and managed by the owner, significantly enhances credibility among clients.
  • Through your GBP, you can communicate with clients by responding to their reviews and questions. It also enables you to learn about any concerns, verify errors, and improve customer service.
  • A well-optimized Google Business Profile improves your company’s ranking in Google Maps’ organic results, delivering your message to a broader audience.
  • An optimized Google Business Profile listing can positively influence your company’s image, as it will appear high in Google Maps search results. This might result in more inquiries about your offer, and might encourage new users to engage with your business. If new clints leave positive reviews, other clients will be more willing to take advantage of your services.

Google Business Profile – recap

Managing Google Business Profiles is crucial in the local marketing strategy for any company aiming to reach as many users as possible. Have you found out what to include in your Google Business Profile? Also take a look at, what you should know about Google Business Profile optimization. A well-optimized Profile will boost your visibility.

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